First post

Hi all,

So, this blog could be seen as the version 2 of the previous PS2 Home Brewing – Make your own stuff now !, now adandoned.

 Why did it made a new blog, you may ask? Well, on the previous blog I realised I needed to change a bit of the blog objectives : unfortunably my free time wasn’t compatible with I planned to do on the blog, so instead of the detailed tutorials on PS2 home brewing I was willing to write I’m forced to make a “lighter” blog, reporting the progresses with my PS2 developments and hopefully, write some tutorials too to help you starting also!

Besides, this was a splendid opportunity to try the free blogging tools (I also have some blogs and some complains about their system : check them at my profile :

But, if you never visited my previous blog, that the heck is this blog about, and what is PS2 homebrewing ?

Well, PS2 stands for the well-known PlayStation2 Sony’s console and homebrewing stands for the act creating some software at “home” (in opposition of doing something commercially) for a “closed” platform. In other words, in order to do something for the PS2, Sony requires you buy their pretty expensive development tools and register as a official developer and with an open-source freeware sdk available anyone knowing programming can do their stuff to run on the console, thus bypassing Sony’s will of controlling everything, but in a perfectly legal way respecting all copyrights.

I understand the reasons Sony act like this, by putting an exorbitant price on the dev tools and forcing the developers to register – this is the way they assure quality control and I must say there are many good games on the PS2 and not much bad ones. But it would be a shame a powerfull platform like the PS2 (yes, I know the PS3 is better) would never be explored by the hobbyists.

So, many thanks for those to made the open-source sdk known as ps2sdk.

Keep tunned!

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