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Modified PS2 port of Doom

February 19, 2008

I modified the Lukasz port of Doom to the PS2, so it now loads (only) from USB mass devices and it uses a non-interlaced screen mode. It also use the original aspect ratio in PAL (NTSC didn’t have the issue). 

For context read here :

The binary files :

doom mass notstretch.rar

doom mass stretch.rar

and the source :

doom mass source.rar

Hopefully soon I will discuss the modifications and clean a bit the code I added.

Hacking PS2VICE

February 3, 2008

Some time ago I’ve got PS2VICE 1.14 from somewhere. One of the feature I missed was the ability to load disk images from USB storage devices. Although it supports for USB keyboads I guess at the time PS2VICE USB storage devices weren’t very popular, so it doesn’t support them.

The PS2VICE 1.14 VICEMENU is loads the various VICE emus (C64, C128, VIC and Plus4) is hardwired to load from CD. In order to load from somewhere else, the sources would need to be changed and added the ability to also load disk images from the mass device.

In fact I’ve found the PS2VICE 1.14 sources (look for the homepage of PSPVICE which was done from the PS2 version – the PS2 sources are included in the source archive) but today I had the idea to do a hex edit and replace every “cdfs” string by “mass”. Usually things aren’t so easy – if the executable flushes the loaded modules, you can say bye-bye to any initialization done for uLE.

But it works. I also replaced the “host” entry at the disk image loading menu to “mass” so you lost host support but gained the mass.

I’m still going to change the original source (I have more features to add, such as replacing the digital pad as input for the analog joystick) but for now that’s all.

Get it from here :


I didn’t included any games : I’m sure you have plenty of them.
See the included README2.txt for some extra information how to load the emulators.

As usual, drop a comment if the download link gets broken.

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