Modified PS2 port of Doom – Update 1

Yesterday I was looking at the source to see how could I enable keyboard support. In fact it was very simple, since PS2 SDL already have support for it, it was just a matter of enabling it on the SDL makefile (HAVE_INPUT_DEVICES=1) and do a rebuild.

 Unfortunably it seems to be an issue when loading from a USB mass storage from uLaunchELF 4.12 and enabling the keyboard support… When I try to load it using uLaunchELF, it didn’t started. But launching it from network using PS2client/PS2link it worked fine, even the version that loads the WAD from USB. There must be differences from the way uLaunchELF and ps2client executes the ELFs. I tried to do a IOP reset from the doom.elf but nothing changed.

So, at the moment, a keyboard enabled version is available here but it must be executed from the network.

If you have the means from launching from the USB using other than uLaunchELF 4.12 (Datel AR, older uLaunchELF, whatever) and want to try for yourself, try this. If it works, drop me a comment.

Now enjoy keyboard support!

(I didn’t have yet the time to look properly to the sound issues and/or enhance the joystick controller…)

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4 Responses to “Modified PS2 port of Doom – Update 1”

  1. Slug Says:

    doom mass notstretch – doom mass stretch works perfect
    doom_mass_keyboard_stretch not working 😦

  2. pedroduarte0 Says:

    Hi Slug,

    What did you used to run the doom_mass_keyboard_stretch ?
    uLancheELF? If son, what version?

    Remember : If you want to use the keyboard enabled version and have a network adapter (for the older PS2) or a slim PS2 you can launch this version ( ) from the network and this should work. I tested with ps2client/ps2link and it worked. It should work also with Xlink/ps2link.

  3. alex Says:

    Does enybody knows where can i get the ps2 port of sdl?
    I’ve tried to get it from but without success..
    (for some strange reason I can’t access the svn)


  4. pedroduarte0 Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Get it from svn://

    Maybe the server was down when you tried?

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