LSDLDOOM-PS2 : Update 1

Some really minor changes. I changed the following defaults :

  1. Gamma now set to minimum. I prefer the colours this way IMHO.
  2. Press R3 button to change gamma if you prefer.
  3. Sound now is set to maximum.
  4. Press cross button to run. Previously was L3.
  5. Press L3 to display map. Was none previously.
  6. Now left analog stick does rotation and right does straffing. Previously was the opposite.
  7. Square button now changes between last two weapons.

Don’t forget you can set/change the button mappings in menu “Options/Setup/Key Bindings”. These settings aren’t stored at the moment.

All I do was set some new defaults for my personal taste, so no fundamental code changes were made, although I added some bindings when none were set at the code (like point 2, 5 and 7).

About point 6, I find more intuitive this way. I did a quick and dirty hack, so if you want the original analog sticks behaviour, just delete the file “strafeonrightjoy.dat” : in the future, there should be configurable in a config file or from the menu.

About point 7, some better way to cycle through all the weapons should be implemented later.

Get version 0.0.2 :


BTW : There might be some hang-ups during gameplay – it seems there is a bug in the code, already detected by Lukasz (the exception he mentions).

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