LSDLDOOM-PS2 : Update 4

The (I believe) long waited game saving/loading ability is now working.

So now you can save and load your games at any moment to memory card. The typical save sizes is as small as 30KBytes so I see no reason to save to other devices, like USB media storage (besides, accordingly to the USB driver author, USB saving is not enough tested).

Just go the the save/load menu, hit cross button to start entering a filename. At this point, the only possible character that can be typed in is the “Y” letter by hiting the L2 button. I might add some more characters latter, but remember that you’re only typing a description for the save file, not the filename itself, so it really itsn’t that important.

In the source, only minor changes were needed to fix the saving and loading functions. I had to use the IO fio* functions instead of the f* which are overwritten by the ROMFS, so the MC0 wasn’t accessible earlier. I also needed to code the equivalente of the offending expression “*(long*)save_p” where save_p is a pointer to a char buffer. It simply results in an exception, maybe because of the PS2 memory architecture (you tell me in the comments section, please)

I must also investigate if the LONG and SHORT macros are bad or not for the PS2’s sanity… Could this be the origin of the freezings?

Get it here :

(with shareware WAD inside)

(you supply the WAD version)

As usual, the source is available here :

(look for the 0.0.4 tag)


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2 Responses to “LSDLDOOM-PS2 : Update 4”

  1. El Conejo Blanco Says:

    Hi! you have a nice blog!

    Thanks for the warning!

  2. El Conejo Blanco Says:

    Thanks for the warning!

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