LSDLDOOM-PS2 : Building instructions

I updated the sources in the SVN include to include the building instructions and also to describe my gsKit and SDL modifications/hacks.

“Instructions to build the PS2 version :

You must already have a working ps2sdk building environment prior to build this PS2 port of lsdldoom. You also need the SDL and SDL_mixer port to the PS2.

My modifications include a patch to gsKit so we can get a non-interlaced screen which is not available when I’m typing this. Since SDL depends on gsKit, we going also to make a minor change to it also to impose a 0.625 aspect ratio like seen on a PC version of Doom. Note that these changes are optional.

gsKit and SDL changes :
Apply patches or copy the supplied modified sources.

PS2lsdldoom :

Embedded version (containing the sharewad WAD) :

You need to have the ROMFS package. Get it from svn:// Add the line “include Makefile.romfs” at the end of the Makefile, uncomment the “#include ” and “rioInit();” at l_main.c.

Create a folder called romdisk and place there the doom1.wad (use lower case for the filename!) along with the boomlump.wad (look at the data folder for this wad). Optionally, create a dummy file named strafeonrightjoy.dat if you want to strafe with the right analog joystick – clumsy hack). Build the image with “make -f Makefile.romfs romdisk.img” followed by a “make -f Makefile.romfs romdisk.o”. Finally do a “make” and the DOOM.ELF should buid.

You supply the wad version :

Remove the line “include Makefile.romfs” at the end of the Makefile, comment the “#include ” and “rioInit();” at l_main.c. Type make. You should now have your DOOM.ELF. Please note this flavour is more prone to crash than the embedded version.”



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