LSDLDOOM-PS2 : Update 5

Time for an update.

I fixed some issues preventing the configuration loading at startup and saving at exit, so at last you can permanently backup your Doom configuration. The config file is saved at memory card 1 (mc0:DOOM/boom.cfg) when exiting using the Quit option from de menu.

I also added the option to force a specific display mode (PAL or NTSC) for whom needs it – So just rename the DOOM.ELF to something ending with PAL or NTSC at the name (for example : DOOM_PAL.ELF or DOOM_NTSC.ELF).

Get here the shareware WAD embedded ELF (recommended) :

or the you-supply-the-wad version (more unstable) :

Now source is included in all releases.
Hope you like it.

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5 Responses to “LSDLDOOM-PS2 : Update 5”

  1. Xranger60 Says:

    I’d really like to say I enjoy playing Doom on PS2 and this is an excellent version. But I’d really like to know, when do you estimate that music will be enabled?

  2. pedroduarte0 Says:


    I’m not planning to enable music. I’m more worried about a memory corruption bug that seems to show a lot more in the you-supply-the-wad version than in the shareware wad embedded version.

    If someone wants to do a contribution, be our guest 🙂

  3. hiorik Says:

    thanks!! this is so great!

  4. alejandro Says:

    I do not understand how it works

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