And now, for something you were all expecting…

I proudly present you :

lsdldoom for the PS2 v.0.0.5 without any sound !


It has been complicated these days… Very little free time to try to overcome the bug in the sources when loading an external WAD. It’s kind of odd, since this only manisfests in this favour – it seens not to happen on the “embedded WAD” version. It could be related to memory corruption, and by pure luck the embedded loads the ELF and the resources into a different memory area, safe from the possible trashing.

Anyway, I realised that if I disable the sound functions, the bug does not manifests. So, if you’re really eager to play the doom.wad or doom2.wad and don’t want to wait for the solution, try this :


(remember that the WAD files must be in lower case (doom.wad and doom2.wad, for example)

The good thing is that Doom is so great that even without sound it’s addictive!

I hope the next time I’ll post about this port of Doom i’ll bring good news and the bug fix. But it could take a very long time, I warn you.

Take care.


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