Beginners and Noobs are not the same

A lot of times I see people introducing as noobs when I strongly suspect they pretend to say they’re beginners. I dont know… Is a noob dumb enough to introduce itself as noob ?!

In fact, noob is pejorative meaning not closely related to a humble beginner – the latter admits his ignorance and has the objective to learn.

Read here the definition of noob as defined at the Urban Dictionary :

It’s quite funny to read, also.


4 Responses to “Beginners and Noobs are not the same”

  1. evilio Says:

    noobs, beginners, it’s all the same! they are an annoying bunch, that’s for sure and I personally think it’s quite sad what has become of the PS2DEV forums. It used to be a forum where you could find really smart people and have intelligent discussions…and nowadays it’s full of utter noobs.

  2. pedroduarte0 Says:

    No, as I said above, I think there is a distinct difference in attitude in a noob and a beginner. I still consider myself as a begginer and definitely
    not a noob…

  3. evilio Says:

    yes i know what you mean, beginners are fine but there are just too many people on PS2DEV who shouldn’t be messing with PS2 and PSP but rather read a couple of books on programming and computers first imo, it’s just so annoying because there a zillion programming forums for noobs and PS2DEV used to be one of the few places on the internet i know where experienced people would hang out…

  4. Pedro Duarte Says:

    Yes, now I agree with you. ps2dev forums are not for general programming beginners. Maybe that’s not clear to them when they registrate? I don’t recall any warning, a lot of time already passed since I registered. I see the importance of the need to have a place where advanced issues are discussed, since like you say there are already a lot of support sites for true beginners. I see this not as elitism, but purely as a right.

    Everybody has the right for their space, both rookies and advanced programmers.

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