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My new nick

August 3, 2008

I’m now using cosmito as a less stupid nick than ptek 😛

Some updates

August 3, 2008

Well, progress has being slow as usual. Allways busy at work, as you know.

In the meantime, I’ve been developing a sort of sprite displaying system (fancy name goes here), that is, a system that allows to load and display bitmaps from filesystem, supporting for basic animation and transparency, as required for sprite display.

There is still some technical difficulties, but you can get a preview here :
lowrestransparent7 romfs.rar

(no I’m not coding a web browser ;))

Regarding previous projects, yesterday I finally decided what to do to overcome the sdldoom sound crash problem. I no longer suspect of inherent bugs in audio driver and USB file loading in parallel, since similar issues I was experiencing in another project was just bad usage from my side :S

So, it looks like somewhere in the current port of sdldoom, some function is behaving badly, probabily corrupting memory that is shared by the audio driver and/or doom audio routines… The bug could also be intself in the audio routines of the port. But these are only guesses and unfortunably will remain as they are, since due to lack of decent free time and debugging support for the ps2sdk finding the offending function would be a nightmare…

So, the future? Replacing the audio routines in this port doesn’t seem to wisest thing to do, although this could be the solution if the bug lives there – If the bug is somewhere in the rest of the port, then replacing the audio would be wasted hours. The right thing to do is to start porting a more mature doom port, like proboom+ 🙂 But since it’s a somewhat large project, I’ll only port its audio routines and put them in the initial Lukasz doom port.

And this almost right thing started to happen yesterday 🙂

I’m keeping the sources in the assembla free svn repository :

so, keep an eye on the progress by looking at the WIP-sound.txt file on the trunk.


I also start looking for some existent ports of ZX Spectrum emulators. Yes, I pretend to bring one to the PS2!

I tried the Windows and Linux version of zx4all but the sound is crappy, so it’s out of question. Fuse seems very nice, and there is also a nice PSP port, which could be a starting point.

Keep tuned 🙂