Sources of “Natal 2007” available

Almost one year ago I did a small production (see here), a sort of “powerpoint” slideshow with music (but with good music!) were Christmas  was the theme and I sended to some of my friends as a (late) gift.

It evolved from the sources of a oggplayer released by a dude nicked CarelessWhisper which I then added synchronized image display. I really should released the source earlier but my intent was to comment on it, serving as a tutorial for what I did and for things that should be done better, but for me time is scarce as always and also since then, so I can only show you the sources…

I hope to comment on it briefly soon, but any question, leave at the comments zone.

Currently the sources won’t compile out of the box, due to recent gsKit changes but it’s really not complicated to fix it for yourself (but be assured that I’ll do it…)

You can get it from the Assembla public repo

until I find a better free hosting subversion service (does anyone knows alternatives to google code?) since I feel cheated by and I simply don’t want to keep using their public services in the near future. I even fear from the longevity of their services since they pissed off many people with their recent change of service rules… I guess google will be around for many years and I really hate broken links.

So enjoy and learn with it (at least learn how to do better 🙂 since today I would to it better)

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