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Strafe support for PS2Doom

March 15, 2009

Today I was trying to add strafe support for the right or left analog stick just like in lsdldoom but it seems it’s not trivial. I really miss this feature from¬†lsdldoom… I must try another time. This was feeling much like work today and work is not fun ūüôā

PS2Doom v1.0.2.1

March 12, 2009

Minor update:

No more hicups on sound during screen melt/wipe effect at the start of a new game or at level ending.

PS2Doom v1.0.2.0

March 1, 2009

Time for updates:

Version features USB keyboard support, so if you own a keyboard compatible with the PlayStation2 (not all USB keyboards are, unfortunably) it’s time to try it! It was as simple as enable it at the SDL makefile ūüėȬ†

Now it’s possible to change the weapon at will ūüôā¬†Select previous/next weapon with the Square and Circle buttons, respectively.

Also,¬†¬†gamma correction, run, and map view are accessible. L1 button now results in ‘n’ key instead of a ‘x’ key, which is good for confirmation input.

Saving and loading is still only possible via host: device.


Dualshock Joystick mappings:
Left Analog Stick :     Move

Cross:     Shift / Run

Square     : o / Previous weapon

Circle     : p / Next weapon

Triangle     : Escape

L1     : n

L2     : y

R1     : Fire

R2     : Space / Open doors

Start     : Enter

Analog Left click     : Map

Analog Right click     : Brightness (gamma)


Please note: Enter key action (required to menu operations like starting new game) is a bit clumsy for now. For bringing up the menu, use the Cross button but to select items, use the Start button. This will be fixed.

Enjoy it: