PS2Doom v1.0.2.0

Time for updates:

Version features USB keyboard support, so if you own a keyboard compatible with the PlayStation2 (not all USB keyboards are, unfortunably) it’s time to try it! It was as simple as enable it at the SDL makefile 😉 

Now it’s possible to change the weapon at will 🙂 Select previous/next weapon with the Square and Circle buttons, respectively.

Also,  gamma correction, run, and map view are accessible. L1 button now results in ‘n’ key instead of a ‘x’ key, which is good for confirmation input.

Saving and loading is still only possible via host: device.


Dualshock Joystick mappings:
Left Analog Stick :     Move

Cross:     Shift / Run

Square     : o / Previous weapon

Circle     : p / Next weapon

Triangle     : Escape

L1     : n

L2     : y

R1     : Fire

R2     : Space / Open doors

Start     : Enter

Analog Left click     : Map

Analog Right click     : Brightness (gamma)


Please note: Enter key action (required to menu operations like starting new game) is a bit clumsy for now. For bringing up the menu, use the Cross button but to select items, use the Start button. This will be fixed.

Enjoy it:

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