JammerPS2 – Cannon Fodder edition

For the many of you who have an Amiga gaming past, you may remember a classic named Cannon Fodder and, of course, its intro tune.

JammerPS2 is an example for the cosMix sound engine I cooked, and it works like a sound sample trigger, using the Dualshock controller buttons to fire up sounds.

I decided to pack it with samples from the Cannon Fodder intro song for you to have something ready to play with, but you can supply your own samples, as long they are mono or stereo WAV files rated at 48000Hz (you may use any other sample rate, like the more usual 44100Hz but the sounds pitch will be higher than normal).

Keep in mind the PS2 is not a computer with virtual memory (only if running linux), so the total space taken by the samples must be at most 32MB (a little less than this actually).

As feedback, I really would like to know from your creations. If you made any sound packs for JammerPS2, let me know and drop some links for downloading your packs.

Get the binaries here (source archive is included), unpack to a USB pen and run with uLaunchELF:

The source repository for cosMix and JammerPS2 is located at GoogleCode (I began to drop Assembla service, at last):

Have fun

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  1. PS2 JammerPS2 - Cannon Fodder Edition v0.1b - ModControl.Com - GermanysNr1MultiConsoleSceneSource Says:

    […] developer behind PS2Doom has released an unique PS2 "sound application" where you can mix up your own sounds using your own […]

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