PS2Doom v1.0.2.2

Finally, it’s possible to save/load from memory card!

It was a matter applying some fixes I did for lsdldoomps2 into this port and initing memory card support by the book, using ps2sdk’s mc_example.c example as reference.

Enjoy it:
PS2Doom v1.0.2.2

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6 Responses to “PS2Doom v1.0.2.2”

  1. Dandaman Says:

    Please please please make it possible to load a wad from a memory card coz I have a 128mb memory card and I don’t have spare usb drives, I wanna be able to run it completely from the mc,

  2. Robert Says:

    Does this support loading wads from the same medium on which the ELF is present? So if I store the elf on my hard drive it loads wads from there.

  3. pedroduarte0 Says:

    OK, this seems reasonable since finding a compatible USB pen is not an easy task, sometimes. It’ll implement hopelly soon.

  4. pedroduarte0 Says:


    Currently, no. But I already did some code I can adapt so PS2Doom can find out the current folder and load a WAD from there.

    dirsors did some succesful experimentation with HDD support and I believe soon this can be a reality.

    A WAD selector would be likely the ultimate goal, but loading WADs from current directory seems to me a nice thing to complement the selector.

  5. Daniel Krusenbaum Says:

    Thank you for your hard work. Its fully playable in this state. Strafing would be a cool feature.

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      Yes, personally I refuse to play without strafe support 🙂 If you are a lucky owner of a USB keyboard compatible with the Playstation2, give it a shot – you can try the keys.

      But it’s in my plans to implement strafing with the right analog stick. For that I must have some decent time to understant the mechanism of the event handling regarding input (as far I investigated, it’s the SDL event handling)

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