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PS2Doom v1.0.5.0

March 21, 2010

Time for a new release, featuring:

  • Simple but effective WAD selector: No more need to having only a WAD per ps2doom!
  • Controller almost fully configurable using the configuration file (ps2doom.config)
  • HDD support (at last). Thanks Adilson Pierog for his contribution and for figuring out which irx were needed and its correct sequence order. I Just needed to integrate it better into the source and make the hardcoded paths configurable.
  • Now uses freesd instead of LIBSD. Japanese users should be happy now. And PS3 compatible now?
  • For doom2 wads, sound is no longer half sampled. Sounds the same to me, anyway…

For me, the major update was the use of a configuration file to make the controls configurable. That also opened the door to HDD support which needed some special treatment of WAD paths. I was hoping to release also easy to use configurator for Windows PC written in C# which would set the configuraton file but I forgot the lib I’m using (libconfig) did not have a C# wrapper. With proper free time I would do it by myself, but as you all saw, I was hoping to have this ready for January…

Those who are interested at using the HDD must read the ‘Whatsthis.txt’ file released along with the distribution below. It explains exactly what settings you must change at the config file and where to put it. Please pay attention to that, before asking any questions, thanks.

For the future, well this might be the last update I do for PS2Doom due to lack of time and things doesn’t seem to get better any soon, since I need to solve some personal issues more important than homebrew development.

I still have my own wish list for PS2doom, including cheat support and MP3 decoding during playback (that way not only we’ll have Doom music but literally any music we wanted) and who knows one day I’ll accomplish this? But besides this, I don’t see much future for PS2doom… I guess the next step would be dropping this version of ps2doom and start adapting PrBoom+, maybe chopping off some more performance hungry features of it. PrBoom+ would allow PWAD support and networking with Doom running on other platforms such as the PC, for example. For those who would take the task, my improvements for the starting Lukasz version would be reusable into PrBoom+ port (mc support, audio alternative to the still broken SDLaudio).

If there is any developer who wants to continue the project of start PrBoom+ port, please go ahead. Fell free to use my code as reference. I’ll soon put the souce as a google code project but in the meanwhile, get it from the assembla repository >here<.

Have fun!

Get it from here :