PS2Doom v1.0.5.0

Time for a new release, featuring:

  • Simple but effective WAD selector: No more need to having only a WAD per ps2doom!
  • Controller almost fully configurable using the configuration file (ps2doom.config)
  • HDD support (at last). Thanks Adilson Pierog for his contribution and for figuring out which irx were needed and its correct sequence order. I Just needed to integrate it better into the source and make the hardcoded paths configurable.
  • Now uses freesd instead of LIBSD. Japanese users should be happy now. And PS3 compatible now?
  • For doom2 wads, sound is no longer half sampled. Sounds the same to me, anyway…

For me, the major update was the use of a configuration file to make the controls configurable. That also opened the door to HDD support which needed some special treatment of WAD paths. I was hoping to release also easy to use configurator for Windows PC written in C# which would set the configuraton file but I forgot the lib I’m using (libconfig) did not have a C# wrapper. With proper free time I would do it by myself, but as you all saw, I was hoping to have this ready for January…

Those who are interested at using the HDD must read the ‘Whatsthis.txt’ file released along with the distribution below. It explains exactly what settings you must change at the config file and where to put it. Please pay attention to that, before asking any questions, thanks.

For the future, well this might be the last update I do for PS2Doom due to lack of time and things doesn’t seem to get better any soon, since I need to solve some personal issues more important than homebrew development.

I still have my own wish list for PS2doom, including cheat support and MP3 decoding during playback (that way not only we’ll have Doom music but literally any music we wanted) and who knows one day I’ll accomplish this? But besides this, I don’t see much future for PS2doom… I guess the next step would be dropping this version of ps2doom and start adapting PrBoom+, maybe chopping off some more performance hungry features of it. PrBoom+ would allow PWAD support and networking with Doom running on other platforms such as the PC, for example. For those who would take the task, my improvements for the starting Lukasz version would be reusable into PrBoom+ port (mc support, audio alternative to the still broken SDLaudio).

If there is any developer who wants to continue the project of start PrBoom+ port, please go ahead. Fell free to use my code as reference. I’ll soon put the souce as a google code project but in the meanwhile, get it from the assembla repository >here<.

Have fun!

Get it from here :

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51 Responses to “PS2Doom v1.0.5.0”

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  2. Slavmaf Says:

    Thank you very much for this release.
    I just played for more than 2 hours off my USB MP4 player. Doom2 and Plutonia Experiment.
    If this had music, it would be perfect, even without the advanced features you hope to implement in future version.
    Thanks again for all your hard work.

  3. Manny Says:

    Nice Job. I got the day off tomorrow so I plan on trying this out.
    Thank you for all the effort you have put into this port.
    I wish you the best of luck with your personal issues and hope you can still find some free time for some ps2brew.

  4. avcoliveira Says:

    How can I run it with the WADs from DVD?

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      You can’t. It would need additional code to support the DVD drive and honestly I don’t see the point of supporting it, since USB pens are cheap nowadays and compatibility is generaly good. From the user point, mastering a DVD for a PS2 to read is also a pain since it’s very picky about the DVD format.

  5. Iuri Fiedoruk Says:

    Thanks. Just one question: how is MIDI support?
    I am planning to add MIDI background music in Rockbot, but SDL does not support it by now, and I did not see any simple library to play MIDI files.

  6. Maxstyle Says:

    Thank for your PS2Doom v1.0.5.0. But I really want music in the game. Please complete this too. I’m waiting pal.

  7. Kevy, The Lover Says:

    THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, the power of silence is very very wash cerebral method!!!! :s!!!!! Can I put the mp3 musics or ogg format? this engine play this??

    PLEASEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SILENCE WANT TO KILL ME!!!!

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      No, you can’t. Don’t expect support for music very soon. As you know if you read my posts, I currently don’t have much time to continue to develop ps2doom although I didn’t abandoned it yet. I’d be glad if another programmer took the job, still.

      • Iuri Fiedoruk Says:

        What about using mod format?
        You could use the code of mikmod from SDL_Mixer and it should not be a big problem. Or you can convert all sound system do SDL_Mixer, it plays wav and mod format well once you know how to deal with it. Then, just convert the midi from doom to mod format.

  8. Kevy, The Lover Says:

    FOR MIDI, TRY TIMIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. NightRnR Says:

    I tried this out and I think it’s great.

    However, for some reason my HDD doesn’t want to recognize my doom2.wad. doomu.wad, tnt.wad and plutonia.wad all show up, but no doom2. It does show up fine when loaded through USB, but I wish I could get it going through my hard drive.

    I just don’t understand why it singles the one iwad out. Any ideas! (doom2 is version 1.9)

    • pedroduarte0 Says:


      Are you sure the wad is named in lower case, like “doom2.wad” instead of “DOOM2.WAD” or other case variation?

  10. NightRnR Says:

    Yeah, I typed the Wads exactly as they appear on my hard drive. I’ve tried everything: renaming, trying another partition (yes, I adjusted config files too), copying a different doom2 file (from my PSP port)… Still no doom2. But hey, at least the other 3 are working.

    The Doom2 wad was caitalized initially on my flash drive, but I renamed it (as “doom2”) on the hard drive. Had to rename “doom” to “doomu” to get Ultimate doom (with 4th episode) as well.
    The odd thing is, it does recognize and play the capitalized “DOOM2” when loaded from the flash drive. So, I’m glad I can play it one way or the other.

    If I could request a feature, I would be for the option to save games on the hard drive instead of memory card. But I love the port as-is. I don’t even care that the music is gone (like to listen to my own anyways).

    • NightRnR Says:


      I just saw that the “WAD” portion is capitalized on my hard drive, which I can’t edit on ulaunch’s text editor.

      I’ll change it and I’m sure that it will work this time.


  11. furtivefox Says:

    Okay. I’ve been trying to build your project from source. I got gsKit revision 1460 and SDL rebuilt, but when linking ps2doom.elf it can’t find ‘scr_printf_nocursor’. I looked EVERYWHERE for this. All that is in libDebug->src_printf.c is scr_printf. What am I missing? Is this another addition you did? I’d really appreciate the help.

    • pedroduarte0 Says:


      Inside the archieve is a folder called “sdk source changes”. Inside there is another called “debug”. Those files inside it should overwrite the sdk debug library, at \ps2sdk\ee\debug\src\. So you must rebuild the this (use the Makefile at ps2sdk\ee\debug\) before buiding ps2doom.

      • furtivefox Says:

        *Face palm* I realize now, why I couldn’t find it. I built gsKit and SDK in the “sdk source changes” folder, and forgot that debug folder was from you… So I deleted it….. Thanks for the help. Re-downloading your source now. haha

  12. alejandro Says:

    can run in 640×480 resolution???

    • pedroduarte0 Says:


      Sorry but the original port that this PS2 port is based uses low resolution bitmaps, so that is not possible.


  13. alejandro Says:

    still working on this port ?????

    • pedroduarte0 Says:


      Unfortunably I don’t have the time. I had plans to do more stuff, including music but these days it has really been impossible to find time for it…

  14. alejandro Says:

    there is no way to put music to this port?

  15. nakanaki Says:

    Can play 1.9 doom wads?

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      Additional wads are not supported, sorry.

    • Nightrnr Says:

      Do you mean “does it support Doom version 1.9?”?
      It should support all official versions of the main official Doom wads: Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and both Final Doom wads (TNT and Plutonia).
      Custom wads are generally not supported. But I did get the “Heretic TC for Doom2” wad to work by renaming it to “doomf.wad”
      For reference:

      There’s a few glitches (so far, one level liked to crash often, but is still beatable). Overall, it is definitely playable.
      Sadly, I couldn’t get the actual Doom Freedom wad to work. It crashes every time for me anyways.

      …But, if there are any other self contained IWADs (or if you can convert them somehow yourself), it’s worth a shot to try renaming them to something it does recognize.

  16. nakanaki Says:

    Ok thanks for answer.
    Another question: I cant select the 4 episode from ultimate doom why?

  17. nakanaki Says:

    Gracias bro.
    sabes si se puede jugar los master levels del doom 2?

  18. alejandro Says:

    mods can be uploaded to this port?

  19. alejandro Says:

    mouse can be used

  20. doomfan Says:

    the music will be available??

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      From me, quite unlikely. I’m very busy these days, unfortunably.
      I would like someone else to continue this port, but no one shows up…

  21. doom98 Says:

    you can not beat the color and resolution?

  22. doom98 Says:

    This port supports mouse?

  23. doom98 Says:

    Some textures are not the same as the original Doom , why

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  25. Masteries Says:

    Saludos Señor Duarte,

    Antes de nada, felicitarle por el excelente trabajo llevado a cabo en el port de Doom para PS2.

    Me encuentro portando el lenguaje BennuGD a PS2; es un lenguaje multiplataforma con el que se pueden hacer juegos como el mostrado en el vídeo, el lenguaje provee de un mecanismo de multitarea aparente, al estilo dle lenguaje ADA, que lo hace muy útil y vérsatil para crear juegos 2D, incluso se pueden hacer juegos tipo Outrun o Thunder Blade.

    Pero me he topado con el problema del mezclador de audio de SDL_mixer, el sonido funciona entrecortado. Por lo que he estado deduciendo, la funcionalidad de audio se basa en un programa que se ejecuta en el procesador IOP (audsrv.irx y freesd.irx) , pero hay que gestionarlo mediante una tarea o hilo de ejecución ejecutado en el EE core; y la verdad es que no tengo ni idea de como solucionarlo, hasta que he probado su port de Doom, en el que la mezcla de sonidos va perfecta.

    He estado buscando el código fuente de este port de Doom, pero no lo encuentro y parece que ya no está disponible.

    Por favor si pudiera enviármelo, y orientarme (en la medida de lo posible, sé de sobra que usted es un hombre muy ocupado) a la hora de adaptar su código para la gestión del mezclador de audio le estaría muy agradecido. En algunas cosas puedo ser un poco “lento” al comprender, pues soy industrial y no informático jeje

    Sobre el soporte para MP3 y OGG, si que me interesaría intentar dar soporte a estos formatos en el lenguaje BennuGD en PS2, lo que puede redundar en soporte de estos formatos en el port de Doom.

    Gracias anticipadas por todo,

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      Holla Masteries,

      Sorry for not replied before. In fact, I’ve been away from this site and PS2 development quite for a while.
      The souce code of PS2Doom is available from here:

      In fact I I had problems with SDL_mixer, so I created my own mixer. cosmix. It is integrated at the source but I hosted the files along with an example at As I know, google code will be closed on August but I plan to migrate to GitHub.

      Good to know about your project, I’ll chech that out. I’m not doing any PS2 dev currently but that may change in the future. I still have my machine 🙂


  26. Smit Says:

    First of all I would like to thank you for your port of Doom. Work on it stopped completely?
    Say port Quake You did not think to do?

    • pedroduarte0 Says:


      Doom is pretty much finished. I was thinking in adding cheat support when I stopped. Maybe one day I’ll continue it.
      No promises still.

  27. Flavio Says:

    because it does not work the shortcut “Doom = mass: / PS2Doom” only opens if I use ULaunchelf to run ps2doom.elf, another problem is that the configuration of the buttons is not the same as the ps1 console for example clear only the dodge buttons could be L2 and R2 instead of L1 and R1 when will have a new update with option to map the buttons so that it is saved?

  28. pedroduarte0 Says:

    Hi Flávio,

    Sorry, I am not developing it further. Although I still would like to it’s a matter of having time to dedicate to it. Would be fine too if another developer would like to continue/fork this but so far nobody has contacted me in this regard. If I ever return to it, i’ll take in consideration your feedback.

    • nightrnr Says:

      I think it’s still pretty awesome.
      It does allow customization of controls via the config file, just finicky on where it loads from.
      Anyways, I still use this port for the base Doom games (Ultimate, 2, TNT, Plutonia) and it plays very well.
      IMHO, that’s one reason no one else will continue it; it’s good enough as-is.

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