Makefiles are my best definitions for waste of time.

Worst: Makefiles are the enslavement of the programmer by the lazy machine.

2 Responses to “Makefiles”

  1. Iuri Fiedoruk Says:

    Heheheheheh. As far as I known, cmake is much better than the old autoconf/automake.
    But lately I just use Qt Creator, that handles all the qmake/makefiles stuff, and if needed, just adapt those for other platforms.

  2. pedroduarte0 Says:

    Hmm interesting.

    Cmake was being ported (or was at least at his wish list) to the PS2 by misfire, I’m not sure of the status of this.

    I’m not familiar with any of those tools you mention. Do you think it’s feasible to use any to describe the sources of a project and use it to build a makefile for it? The output makefile should be optimally simple to adapt to the ps2 sdk environment.

    I’ve also found the premake tool. Could be an option.

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