Source Control Version Systems are Vital

If I had installed/be using one, things could have been better for today…

This offers a solution for running a server at my computer. Free for personal use so it seems:

Must try it soon.

2 Responses to “Source Control Version Systems are Vital”

  1. yoshi314 Says:

    i still believe using git is better way. the repository works standalone on your pc, and you can push your changes to a remote server, too.

    you can use TortoiseGit on windows – it’s similar to TortoiseSvn

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      Hi yoshi,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m already familiar with SVN and have installed HG just for getting stuff from misfire. I’m not very fond of installing another SCV, although I read good comments about Git 🙂 Maybe in the future.

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