Opera browser. Slow?

Is just my impression or the well know Opera browser, claimed as the fastest, is generally slow?

I’m trying to find an alternative to the excellent Mozilla Firefox browser which becomes an elephant when the tab feature is abused. Let’s see how Opera manages it. But regarding to speed, I’m not impressed. Au contraire.

3 Responses to “Opera browser. Slow?”

  1. Iuri Fiedoruk Says:

    I’ve switched to Chrome a while ago and never looked back, it is the fastest one I know

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      Yep, Chrome is the fastest, but there still little details that keep me away from it. Last time I used it it didn’t have any support for extensions. Using Firefox extensions support would be great. And there’s still the issue of using a browser done by a company that does datamining and get revenues from web searching engine… I give sometimes money to google by using it while logged at my google account it but I’m not willing to do it every time I hit the web.

  2. Iuri Fiedoruk Says:

    It does have a nice support for extensions, they are somehow simpler, but it is for the best, as the browser do not become slow with them, as firefox (because XUL is a beast).
    Also, you can use Chromium, the open-source version of chrome. It does not have a “stable” version but is very solid.

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