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Windows can really suck!

September 2, 2011

Each time I find myself more and more fed up of Winblows and its numerous “idiosyncrasies”, featuring from decreasing importance:

  • The nerve wrecking, odd-logic of alt-tab task selection
  • The stupid “rich text” formatting each f***** time you copy something to clipboard
  • The bad habit of selecting all of a clicked text when 99% of the time you just want to edit a portion of it!
  • The extremely annoying tooltips
  • The numerous system updates which requires system restarts (and nags you to death until you finally do it!)
  • The mandatory requirement of an anti-virus, slowing down the experience even more
  • And the many, many old and recently introduced bugs

To be honest, I currently see Microsoft less of the monster I used to see some years ago due to the recent release of free versions of their developing tools actually very complete and interesting, the vast ammount of development documentation present at MSDN site which contributes to a fair position regarding development and contribution to common knowledge.

But the closed source, tight schedule policies and its deafness to users complains and suggestions which affects many commercial companies like Microsoft tends to produce buggy and temperamental software.

I wish I could use Linux all the time.


June 10, 2010

Makefiles are my best definitions for waste of time.

Worst: Makefiles are the enslavement of the programmer by the lazy machine.