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Still Alive

June 10, 2012

I find hard to believe my last post was more than 10 months ago! The worst is that the pending issues that forced my activity to slow down are far from finished… Anyway, expect some more news soon (I hope).

Well, this sounds pretty much as deja-vú, but in the meanwhile I moved to The Netherlands and I’ve being living here for more than 6 months. It was a good opportunity to change a bit of my life, get new life experiences before I get too old.

So, not much time for ps2 dev or even ps2 playing…


Still Alive

August 11, 2011

I find hard to believe my last post was almost 9 months ago! The worst is that the pending issues that forced my activity to slow down are far from finished… Anyway, expect some more news soon (I hope).


NetBeans kicks ass!

September 19, 2010

I’ve been trying the NetBeans IDE (free) both at Windows XP and at Linux (Ubuntu) and it’s wonderful.
I haven’t tried the lastest Visual Studio 2010 but NetBeans severely beats up Visual Studio 2008!
The version <= 6.7 supports the UML modeling plugin but it only seems to support Java when generating code :S

Visual Paradigm SDE is recommended for latest versions of NetBeans and the payed version not only supports generation of code and sync with the UML models for it but it also supports Visual Studio, even if programming C#. Wonderful.

You can try it for 10 days or 30 if request a free trial license. There are methods to extend this, of course, using a virtual machine with undo hard disk image 😉

Valueable myPS2 sources! – Part 2

September 19, 2010

The thread scheduler seems to work nicely. I’ve done a simple test project using it and uploaded here:

It uses the scheduler.c and scheduler.h files taken from the myPS2 sources and starts two threads. Some delay loops are done inside each thread to slow down processing for us to see what’s going on. The call to ‘Scheduler_YieldThread()’ is important so the thread can cooperate with the other threads.

Could be an alternative to the thread switching method I’m using at cosMix (actually, it’s quite similar).

Opera browser. Slow?

September 11, 2010

Is just my impression or the well know Opera browser, claimed as the fastest, is generally slow?

I’m trying to find an alternative to the excellent Mozilla Firefox browser which becomes an elephant when the tab feature is abused. Let’s see how Opera manages it. But regarding to speed, I’m not impressed. Au contraire.

Valueable myPS2 sources!

August 27, 2010

Although ps2client is mute it is still able to send code to ps2link, so I was able to try myPS2 I’ve found at this site :

It seems to only work at a fat PS2 probabily due to incompatible code when using the network adapter and even at the fat, it stopped at init with the error “Loading GUI String Table…”.

From the same site, I’ve got the sources and I was looking for what file or resource it failed to load, since I get no printf output from the PS2 at this moment.  The contains a lot of interesting stuff.

First, it has code for MP3 decoding (well, it uses MAD library calls), net MP3 streaming (it supports shoutcast radios) and best of all, a thread scheduler!

Looks very good stuff indeed and it will be handy for sure. I’m still digesting its details, still…

My ps2client is mute!

August 27, 2010

Suddenly my good ol’ ps2client.exe compiled at 2007 got mute. So it’s useless as a debug tool. And I don’t have a clue why…

The binary still has the date of 2007 when I first did the toolchain build, so this doesn’t seems to be the result of any recent build I did… I posted for help on the homebrew section of the psxscene forums, so I might get a hint soon.


Actually I’ve found out that the cause of the problem was a running ps2client process at a “zombie” state consuming the ps2link output, so a matter of restarting the PC cured the problem (I take a lot of use of the hibernate feature). No problem whatsoever with ps2client itself, then. Check here for the discussion:


Source Control Version Systems are Vital

July 4, 2010

If I had installed/be using one, things could have been better for today…

This offers a solution for running a server at my computer. Free for personal use so it seems:

Must try it soon.

It’s Official

December 30, 2009

Unfortunabily, the next release of Ps2Doom will happen only at 2010. Sorry folks.

Have a nice 2010!

Inspiration from the other side

December 25, 2009

Recently I’ve tried PSPKVM, the PSP port of Sun’s open-source JavaME implementation phoneMEFeature and that little thing is amazing!

Having a Java virtual machine brings immediately so many new possibilities for the already vast PSP homebrew scene and I thought it would be incredibly wonderful if a PS2 port would exists!

Just imagine browsing the Internet with a PS2 and the Opera Mini of the Bolt browser, using a MSN Messenger clone, using Google Earth just for the kick, or playing those phone java games some people like.

The sad thing is that I personally have now the skills for doing it but simply don’t have the time for such a project… Maybe it could be more doable with some other devs collaboration. Is any interested and experienced dev reading this?