June 10, 2010

Makefiles are my best definitions for waste of time.

Worst: Makefiles are the enslavement of the programmer by the lazy machine.

PS2Doom v1.0.5.0

March 21, 2010

Time for a new release, featuring:

  • Simple but effective WAD selector: No more need to having only a WAD per ps2doom!
  • Controller almost fully configurable using the configuration file (ps2doom.config)
  • HDD support (at last). Thanks Adilson Pierog for his contribution and for figuring out which irx were needed and its correct sequence order. I Just needed to integrate it better into the source and make the hardcoded paths configurable.
  • Now uses freesd instead of LIBSD. Japanese users should be happy now. And PS3 compatible now?
  • For doom2 wads, sound is no longer half sampled. Sounds the same to me, anyway…

For me, the major update was the use of a configuration file to make the controls configurable. That also opened the door to HDD support which needed some special treatment of WAD paths. I was hoping to release also easy to use configurator for Windows PC written in C# which would set the configuraton file but I forgot the lib I’m using (libconfig) did not have a C# wrapper. With proper free time I would do it by myself, but as you all saw, I was hoping to have this ready for January…

Those who are interested at using the HDD must read the ‘Whatsthis.txt’ file released along with the distribution below. It explains exactly what settings you must change at the config file and where to put it. Please pay attention to that, before asking any questions, thanks.

For the future, well this might be the last update I do for PS2Doom due to lack of time and things doesn’t seem to get better any soon, since I need to solve some personal issues more important than homebrew development.

I still have my own wish list for PS2doom, including cheat support and MP3 decoding during playback (that way not only we’ll have Doom music but literally any music we wanted) and who knows one day I’ll accomplish this? But besides this, I don’t see much future for PS2doom… I guess the next step would be dropping this version of ps2doom and start adapting PrBoom+, maybe chopping off some more performance hungry features of it. PrBoom+ would allow PWAD support and networking with Doom running on other platforms such as the PC, for example. For those who would take the task, my improvements for the starting Lukasz version would be reusable into PrBoom+ port (mc support, audio alternative to the still broken SDLaudio).

If there is any developer who wants to continue the project of start PrBoom+ port, please go ahead. Fell free to use my code as reference. I’ll soon put the souce as a google code project but in the meanwhile, get it from the assembla repository >here<.

Have fun!

Get it from here :

It’s Official

December 30, 2009

Unfortunabily, the next release of Ps2Doom will happen only at 2010. Sorry folks.

Have a nice 2010!

Inspiration from the other side

December 25, 2009

Recently I’ve tried PSPKVM, the PSP port of Sun’s open-source JavaME implementation phoneMEFeature and that little thing is amazing!

Having a Java virtual machine brings immediately so many new possibilities for the already vast PSP homebrew scene and I thought it would be incredibly wonderful if a PS2 port would exists!

Just imagine browsing the Internet with a PS2 and the Opera Mini of the Bolt browser, using a MSN Messenger clone, using Google Earth just for the kick, or playing those phone java games some people like.

The sad thing is that I personally have now the skills for doing it but simply don’t have the time for such a project… Maybe it could be more doable with some other devs collaboration. Is any interested and experienced dev reading this?

Ho Ho Ho

December 25, 2009

So, I was hoping to bring out a new release of PS2Doom with some features, but those who are waiting need to wait just a little bit more. Probably it will be out before the end of the year.

So, Merry Xmas for those who celebrate it!

PS2Doom v1.0.4.1

June 12, 2009

New features:

– Savegame handling for different WAD : Now savegames from doom1 and doom2 and other WADs can happy cohexist at the same memory card.

Important: This means that your previous saves needs to be renamed at the PS2DOOM memory card folder. Use uLaunchELF for that (copy the save files to a USB storage device for example, rename those at your computer – see below, delete those same files at the memory card and copy the renamed saves from the USB device back to the PS2DOOM memory card folder). Refer to uLaunchELF documentation for this operations (I won’t offer help at this subject).

Until now, the saves follows the scheme for all the WADs : doomsav0.dsg,  doomsav1.dsg, and so on. For now on, the saves reflect the WAD name:

For doom2.wad savegames, you should use the the naming scheme : doom2sav0.dsg,  doom2sav1.dsg, etc. Similarly for doom1.wad saves, this will be doom1sav0.dsg,  doom1sav1.dsg.

For doom.wad, the filenames should be doomsav0.dsg,  etc. You get the picture (sorry to explain this to detail, but I wanted to keep this clear).

Bug fixes:

– Should work with the doom2f.wad (I don’t own it). It should run with previous versions (memory requirements issue since sounds weren’t being downsampled)
– Previous/next weapon selection was buggy (some weapons weren’t selectable) – fixed
– Fixed a crash when a lump is not found (doom.wad at “menu slideshow”) – original sources bug?
– Save/load file handle fixed (no more trying to load/save from empty slots)

I also realised the the source files cosmitoFileIO.c and cosmitoFileIO.h weren’t being included at the distribution archives… Going to fix that.

Get it from here :

PS2Doom v1.0.4.0

May 31, 2009

Well, almost a entire month has passed since the last update and I can assure you it was been a hell of a 4 weeks at the job. No spare time to do anything than work. No cinema, no walkings, no friends, no life. And yes, no ps2doom.

It took me only about 2-3 hours of quality free time on this week end to understand how strafe was implemented at lsdldoom and how key/button events are handled in Doom. So, implementing strafe for the right analog stick was almost a linear task and for better, it wasn’t necessary to change the code dramatically.

Now ps2doom plays beautifully with strafing 🙂 If you never tried this feature on ps2 lsdldoom port, you don’t know what you’re missing now on ps2doom! It tooks the gameplay to another dimension completely. Actually, I feel the gameplay with a Dualshock PS2 controller surpasses by large keyboard gameplay at action time, not accounting for the extra functions you can quickly access though keyboard.

Have a try and lots of fun! Doom is incredibly addicting, even after you finished it over and over.

As usual, source is included with the pack:


PS2Doom v1.0.3.0

May 1, 2009

This time, good news for people who want to run PS2Doom from memory cards:

Now the .WAD file is loaded from the same directory ps2doom.elf resides, so this avoid the mess of having files at the root of USB storage devices. As a consequence, the files can be entirely placed at memory cards. USB storage devices are still supported, of course.

Currently, HDD is not yet supported. To detect the device name and full path of ps2doom.elf I just parse the main’s argv[0] string. It seems that when launching from HDD using uLaunchELF, the device name appears as “host:”… So I’m not sure on how to detect when ps2doom is executed from HDD. Any help?

I believe HDD support will be added along with a config file where would be listed all the .WAD paths to feed a WAD selector.

Another feature added :
– The Quit option menu now boots back to the OSD PS2 Browser

Get it: ps2doom_v1030

Next stop: Strafe support.

PS2Doom v1.0.2.2

April 20, 2009

Finally, it’s possible to save/load from memory card!

It was a matter applying some fixes I did for lsdldoomps2 into this port and initing memory card support by the book, using ps2sdk’s mc_example.c example as reference.

Enjoy it:
PS2Doom v1.0.2.2

JammerPS2 – Cannon Fodder edition

April 12, 2009

For the many of you who have an Amiga gaming past, you may remember a classic named Cannon Fodder and, of course, its intro tune.

JammerPS2 is an example for the cosMix sound engine I cooked, and it works like a sound sample trigger, using the Dualshock controller buttons to fire up sounds.

I decided to pack it with samples from the Cannon Fodder intro song for you to have something ready to play with, but you can supply your own samples, as long they are mono or stereo WAV files rated at 48000Hz (you may use any other sample rate, like the more usual 44100Hz but the sounds pitch will be higher than normal).

Keep in mind the PS2 is not a computer with virtual memory (only if running linux), so the total space taken by the samples must be at most 32MB (a little less than this actually).

As feedback, I really would like to know from your creations. If you made any sound packs for JammerPS2, let me know and drop some links for downloading your packs.

Get the binaries here (source archive is included), unpack to a USB pen and run with uLaunchELF:

The source repository for cosMix and JammerPS2 is located at GoogleCode (I began to drop Assembla service, at last):

Have fun