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My Adventures in gsLib – part 2

May 14, 2008

With the valuable help of Lukasz I’ve fixed the old gsLib0.51 sources as from to build under the current ps2sdk and I hosted it here :

Hosted by eSnips

and also here :

Once again, thanks Lukasz!

Update :
The lib was added to the official ps2sdk subversion repository at

My Adventures in gsLib

May 6, 2008

I’m starting to explore the old graphic library gsLib. But why, since gsKit is the standard nowadays, have a superiour performance and gsLib is no longer updated? Simply because gsLib, unlike gsKit, supports low resolution screen modes! Gosh, I hate interlaced modes in PAL CTR TV’s and that’s the only mode gsKit uses. In order to use a non interlaced, you have to modify to gsKit source to set, for example, a 640×256 or 640×224 screen mode. Personally I failed to add a pure low resolution screen mode like 320×256 to gsKit (I’ll try again someday) so then the interest in other graphic libs.

Another bonus feature the gsLib adds is mentioned at its documentation:

How cool is that?

This allows us to hook a function to the vsync video signal, so the function will run at the vertical refresh rate! This allows to compensate for the lack of easy to setup interrupt support/multitasking on the PS2 using the free ps2sdk.

The drawback of gsLib it that its written in C++, so the projects that uses it must be also in C++ … Oh well, nothing is perfect.