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My Adventures in Libito – part 2

May 8, 2008

It seems Libito suffers from performance issues – this is the impression I’ve got by running the sprite example. To moving sprite is simply too slow for what’s involved… This might be a specific issue not affecting the lib in a general way since the pad-pong example runs just fine, but it must be taken into account in the lib evaluation.

My Adventures in Libito

May 6, 2008

I also looked at another graphic library called Ito, better known as Libito. This one is done by Lukasz, which is a good thing.

So Libito is a pretty decent libray, also discontinued, but possible of displaying my beloved low resolution modes. It’s more complex than gsLib, less documented but have some nice extras :

  • Support for FPU and VU magic. Only on the context of drawing operation as expected.
  • Support for thead creation! I hope this is finished and working. It would be great.
  • Simplified pad button reading, which is welcome.
  • Have a nice example how to wrap the lib, so it can be used with C (Libito is C++).
  • Have a cool texture managing system and loading (it supports BMP besides the IIF format).
  • I bet some more feature than those listed here.

It also compiles out-of-the-box under the current ps2sdk at the moment I’m posting, unlike gsLib which is a very cool thing, since I hate fiddling with makefiles and usually have limited patiente to fix them.

Thanks Lukasz