LSDLDOOM-PS2 : Update 2

It seems the hang ups doesn’t happens in the ROMFS self-contained version, like Lukasz’s compiled here. I suspect from USB and sound RPC issues but I must admit I’m a newbie concerning these drivers (nope, it’s something else. I’ll keep trying to spot the bug ASAP) I’ve done some debugging. Until I have more clues, I also added ROMFS support like Lukasz did. So get it here. If it crashes (hangs, or something weird) drop a comment please.


So, this version have the shareware doom1.wad included (no loading of other WADs – this is the disadvantage of the ROMFS thing) and all the feature I presented in the previous versions, although the option “Now left analog stick does rotation and right does straffing” cannot be disabled.

The recipe to ROMFS support : Like Lukasz said, I was a matter of adding the line “include Makefile.romfs”at the end of the Makefile, uncomment the “#include <romfs_io.h>” and “rioInit();” at l_main.c, creating a directory called “romdisk” and putting there the extra files (the “boomlump.wad”, “strafeonrightjoy.dat” (optional)  and “doom1.wad” or other any WAD you have instead goes here – use lower case for the filename!), doing a “make -f Makefile.romfs romdisk.img” followed by a “make -f Makefile.romfs romdisk.o” and finally a “make”.

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