PS2Doom with proper sound, at last!

And today is the day!

Sound seems now reasonable, after adding some calls to swap between the mixer and game threads and even without any optimization over the mixer code, it seems to run well.

This is PS2Doom v. (let’s call the original Lukasz version and features sound. Basically is the same version presented at but I first replaced the sound routines by Jason’s hoping to get sound working. Since it didn’t worked, I removed the SDLmixer calls from Jason’s functions and injected my own mixer calls.

I developed a rather simple mixer I decided to call cosmitoMixer, or cosMix for short and I’ll present it properly soon. Currently the cosMix uses SJPCM lib (this means it will fail on some older Japanese consoles) but hopefully I’ll switch to isjpcm lib.

Binary and sources here :

Instructions for running and compiling included. WADs not included.

The plan is to drop the unstable lsdldoom port and apply all the features I’ve been adding to PS2Doom port.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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