PS2Doom v1.0.3.0

This time, good news for people who want to run PS2Doom from memory cards:

Now the .WAD file is loaded from the same directory ps2doom.elf resides, so this avoid the mess of having files at the root of USB storage devices. As a consequence, the files can be entirely placed at memory cards. USB storage devices are still supported, of course.

Currently, HDD is not yet supported. To detect the device name and full path of ps2doom.elf I just parse the main’s argv[0] string. It seems that when launching from HDD using uLaunchELF, the device name appears as “host:”… So I’m not sure on how to detect when ps2doom is executed from HDD. Any help?

I believe HDD support will be added along with a config file where would be listed all the .WAD paths to feed a WAD selector.

Another feature added :
– The Quit option menu now boots back to the OSD PS2 Browser

Get it: ps2doom_v1030

Next stop: Strafe support.

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10 Responses to “PS2Doom v1.0.3.0”

  1. Robert Says:

    Great work!

    But there’s one problem. The save folder appears in the memory card browser as corrupted data due to there being no icon for it. If you gave an icon (no matter what) it wouldn’t have this problem. Could you please implement an icon, no matter what you want to use?

    • pedroduarte0 Says:


      I may look at it, after doing the strafe support.
      This is not a real problem.

  2. PS2 PS2Doom v1.0.3.0 - ModControl.Com - GermanysNr1MultiConsoleSceneSource Says:

    […] menu now boots back to the OSD PS2 Browser Quelle: Playstation 2 – TehSkeen Offizielle Webseite: PS2Doom v1.0.3.0 PS2 Homebrewing Angehängte […]

  3. Mattthew_H Says:

    So, I download this, and just put it strait onto a CD and it runs?
    Or is there other things I need for it? Such as the DOOM files from the PC version?


    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      CD is not supported since there is no WAD selector yet… You can run it from memroy card, USB storage or the host: device. There is a readme file in the archive, please refer to it for details.

      • Mattthew_H Says:

        Should this just run on a USB with the doom .wad?
        Or do I need a special operating system on my PS2?

        I’ve looked at uLaunchELF, but can’t figure out what it is…

  4. Mattthew_H Says:

    Is it an operating system for the PS2 or is it a launching app that can run off of a CD/DVD?

  5. Dandaman Says:

    I couldn’t get it to load a wad from my mc, it wouldn’t detect the file…I tried loading it from my BOOT folder and that didn’t work so I tried it in the ROOT of the memory card and it still won’t load unfortunately 😦

    • pedroduarte0 Says:

      What is the wad file name? Remember the filename should be in lower case… For example: doom1.wad, not DOOM1.WAD (maybe it would a good thing to make ps2doom case insensitive…)

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